How to transfer your domain with no downtime

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A brand new feature rolled out on this month! One that will help you keep your websites running with minimal downtime and interruptions, and makes transferring a domain dead simple.

Now when you transfer a domain to, you can automatically import your DNS records, saving you valuable time during the transfer process and making it easier than ever to manage your domains.

But the real benefit comes from a seamless transfer from your old boring domain registrar with virtually no downtime of your website. Here’s how domain transfers now work.

3 steps to a no-downtime transfer

  1. Go to the domain transfer page and enter your domain name and Auth Code. You can get your auth code from your current registrar.
  2. We’ll look up your domain DNS records and show you all the records we can find. We do our best to grab every record, but sometimes we can’t get every single one of them—especially custom or subdomain records. So double-check the results, and be prepared to add those special unique records later.
  3. Checkout and we’ll kick off your domain transfer with all your DNS records already created and ready to go.

Transfers usually take a day or two to complete, and during that time you can view and edit your DNS records on the pending transfers page. You can use this time to add any of those special unique records and modify any of the records we automatically imported.

Once the transfer is complete, it’s as easy as flipping the switch. Your DNS records have been preloaded to our nameservers and will work right away, no propagation time required.

All you have to do is manage your nameservers from the domain details page in your account. Select the Use Default Nameservers button and save to instantly switch over to nameservers. Your gorgeous website can settle into its new home and your domain can forever live in the happiest registrar on earth.

Remember, when you transfer to, your domain expiration is extended for 1 year and you’ll get free Advanced Security on all transfers! What a deal.

We have the lowest prices on domain transfers and the absolute best management tools on the planet, so bring your domains on over and enjoy a better domain experience.